LILA the store is like a dream come true for me. A dream that started many years ago when I (Saskia) lived in Milan and became aware 

that I had a great passion for fashion, architecture, lifestyle and the perfect latte macchiato. All of these items are part of LILA the store now!

My passion arose for travelling in search for beautiful items, from the most beautifully handcrafted shoes in Italy to the softest scandinavian fabrics. 

Eye for detail is so important to me,  I feel very privileged that I am able to select the little treasures that make LILA the store what it is... 

And that is, what I love doing the most, sharing these  "love at first sight" items with you, to make you happy...


Together with Denise, Debby, Saskia, Gwen, Maud & Benthe we are here daily to welcome you to our store.